San Qi Shang Yao Pian for emergencies, accidental injuries and sports injuries





San Qi Shang Yao Pian (60 tablets) for emergencies, accidental injuries and sports injuries

This is a popular TCM “emergency aid” product which we highly recommend having on hand in case of slips, trips, falls and other painful accidents.

This formula is commonly used in TCM to help heal the injury from the inside and for accelerating recovery from sports injuries or other accidental injuries.

Natural herbal ingredients contained in this formula are well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their benefits in:

  • improving blood circulation to the affected area,
  • promoting healing of bruising and swelling,
  • inflammation relief in the affected area,
  • naturally accelerating repair of body tissues damaged as a result of traumatic injuries, sport injuries, bone fractures,
  • relieving muscle and joints pains resulting from sports accidents or other injuries.

This formula is recommended for anyone at risk of an accidental injury, sports accidents, work accidents, slips, trips, falls and any other similar events. It may be a great idea carrying some with you on holiday or if you are regularly performing activities which may carry a risk of accident such as high impact sports, construction work and the like.


Radix Paeoniae Rubra 25%

Flos Carthami 22%

Radix Notoginseng 21%

Rhizoma Drynariae 19%

Ramulus Sambuci Williamsii 13%


Recommended use:

3 tablets, 3 times daily

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding

For more serious cases of injury or bleeding please also check our Yunnan Baiyao (extra powerful) capsules.




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