Health is our greatest treasure.

Poor health can severely limit individual’s life quality and potential. This is why we made it our mission to restore, preserve and protect health, to promote the best possible quality of life at any age.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods have been tried and tested for thousands of years. There is also a growing body of contemporary research proving effectiveness of TCM treatments in many areas, including some of the most serious health conditions.

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are some of the most qualified  and experienced professionals in their field with an excellent track record in treating complex health problems.

Each of our experts has a university degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAC), British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) or the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM).

What everyone needs to know about Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is today an integral part of Chinese public healthcare system and is viewed in China as a medical specialisation in its own right rather than merely a “complementary” discipline.

To be fully qualified, TCM doctors in China need to study both western medicine and traditional medicine at medical universities and are subject to the same medical training and mandatory work experience requirements as “conventional” medical practitioners. These professionals are fully versed in both western and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices and commonly work in Chinese hospitals or GP surgeries alongside their peers practicing “conventional” medicine.

Rather counter-intuitively,  TCM hospitals and TCM educational institutions in China, especially those in Shanghai, are some of the most modern and technologically advanced medical facilities in the world, where TCM methods are used either as stand alone treatment or in conjunction with conventional medical practices, to achieve the best possible medical outcomes for the patients.

For example, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine houses three key laboratories and two engineering centres run through China’s Ministry of Education. It’s network includes nine affiliated hospitals, which also provide training to its students, as well as partnerships with several international research centres.

Our Philosophy

Even conditions considered as impossible or very difficult to treat by conventional medicine can often be helped or eased using TCM methods. We therefore strongly believe that there is always hope and it is really worthwhile considering this alternative.

TCM can also be used as a support treatment in addition to many conventional medical treatments such as aid in post surgery recovery, IVF support, pain management therapy or chemotherapy and radiotherapy sickness relief.

In Western medical practice health is typically understood as absence of  illness or disease, however we know that there are many disorders or imbalances causing discomfort and limiting person’s quality of life, which are sometimes dismissed or misunderstood by medical practitioners as not associated with a specific, identifiable medical condition.  In TCM these belong to a concept of “sub-health”, referring to an area in between perfect health and illness, whereby a degree of discomfort may already exist but not to such extent as to be considered an “illness” or an “injury”. We take every health complaint very seriously, knowing that some apparently minor symptoms may indicate more complex and sometimes serious underlying causes.

The beauty of TCM lays also in the fact that it can be used even before any health problems appear. In western medicine, and understandably so, treatment is often administered when the problem is advanced enough to justify the risk of surgery,  harmful side effects, and often, the costs. TCM on the other hand, being fully natural, and, when administered by a competent professional, safe and unlikely to cause significant side effects, is perfectly suited as a method of enhancing and protecting good health.  On the premise that prevention is better than cure, TCM is highly recommended to anyone willing to maintain their health and wellbeing.