Yao Tong Pian for lower back pain and sciatica



Yao Tong Pian for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica (100 tablets)

Yao Tong Pian is a Chinese herbal remedy traditionally used for natural reduction in lower back pain and lower back stiffness.

Yao Tong Pian is highly recommended in:

  • sciatica
  • lower back pain
  • herniated disc in lower back
  • maintaining lower back health
  • prevention of lower back pain/injury.

As a stand-alone treatment, this remedy is highly recommended to reverse the first signs of lower back pain and sciatica and to naturally maintain and protect the lower back health. This remedy could be of a particular benefit to those exposed to regular strain on their lower back as a result of office work, driving, certain sports, lifting heavy weights and similar activities putting pressure on the lower back.

For even more enhanced results we recommend also applying our Wood Lock Oil on the affected areas.
In more severe cases of sciatica, herniated disc, lower back pain or lower back injury, the best results are achieved by combining Yao Tong Pian with an acupuncture and massage treatment.


Dosage and administration

Adults: 4 tablets 2-3 times a day

As there are various possible causes of lower back pain, prior consultation with us is recommended before purchasing this product.





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