Jing Tong Capsules for neck and shoulders pain



Jing Tong

Jing Tong Capsules is a natural remedy recommended against:

  • neck and shoulders pain,
  • stiffness of neck, and
  • neck and shoulders sports injury.
Jing Tong is a Chinese patent formula which has been approved and recommended in China by China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for treating cervical radiculopathy (a common condition involving neck pain, radiating arm pain, numbness or motor dysfunction in the neck and upper limbs).
This remedy can be of particular benefit to people regularly exposed to neck pain and stiffness due to lifestyle factors such as working in a sedentary position,  lifting heavy weights or practicing certain sports and as a natural neck pain relief following a sports injury.
For even more enhanced results we recommend also applying our Wood Lock Oil remedy on the affected areas.
In more severe cases of neck pain or injury, the best results are achieved by combining this remedy with an acupuncture and massage treatment.

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Dosage and administration: 

Adults: 4 capsules 2-3 times a day


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