Jie Yu An Shen Ke Li for mental wellbeing



Jie Yu An Shen Ke Li for mental wellbeing

In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine is commonly used to treat stress and depression and Jie Yu An Shen Ke Li is one of ancient formulas widely used for such purposes. Jie Yu An Shen Ke Li is a natural remedy traditionally used to relieve stress, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, depressed mood, stress-related decline in memory and in cognitive performance. It is therefore recommended for those in need of some extra help with stress and tensions of everyday life and in dealing with adverse life events.

Je Yu An Shen Ke Li is also highly recommended in menopausal symptoms, in particular in conjunction with our Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan herbal remedy.

1 box contains 10 sachets.

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Ingredients: Chinese Thorawax Root, Common Jujube, Talarinow Sweerflay Rhizoma, Ternate Pinellia, White Atractylodes Rhizoma (processed), Blighted Wheat, Thinleaf Milkwort Willd, Prepared Liquorice Root, Processed Fructus Gardeniae, Greenish Lily Bulb Liy Bulb, Wenchow Turmeric Root Tuber, Processed Spine Date Seed, Indian Buead Tuckahoe, Chinese Angelica, Cane Sugar (Excipients)

Dosage and administration: Dilute contents of one sachet in one cup of boiling water. One sachet (5g) twice daily.


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