Appointments can be made by phone or via the website contact page and are offered on a first come first serve basis. Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. 

Late Arrivals

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to delays, we are sympathetic to this. Please try and contact us if you know you are going to be delayed (if safe to do so) and our team will do our best to accommodate you. Any arrivals 15 minutes later than your booked appointment time may need to be rescheduled, which may result in you losing your deposit or loosing a session from a pre paid course.

Cancellation and Failing to attend your appointment.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please notify us by e-mail as soon as possible.  The appointment booking deposit is non-refundable if we are notified less than 24 hours before the appointment time.


Children can be treated in our clinic subject to consent of their parent or guardian.

Circumstances in which we may refuse or discontinue treatment

Whilst we endeavour to provide everyone with the treatment they need, we reserve the right to refuse or discontinue our services or to sell you our products in the following circumstances, at our sole discretion:

  • if based on our professional knowledge and expertise we believe that the treatment or product is unlikely to be beneficial to you;
  • if you do not follow or are unable to follow our recommendations and treatment plan. This includes consistently missing prescribed treatment sessions and misuse or irresponsible use of any herbal medication we provide;
  • if you do something that we reasonably believe may significantly undermine your treatment results, be seriously detrimental to your health or is incompatible with the treatment we are providing (such as for example performing excessive physical exercises which are unsuitable in your condition, taking other alternative treatments or medication without consultation with us) and/or
  • if you misrepresent or do not share with us information known to you, which we have requested or may reasonably require, that may be important in the context of your treatment (such as for example pregnancy, addictions, medical history, existing health conditions, allergies, recent injuries, surgical procedures or medication taken);
  • if you otherwise do not reasonably cooperate with us in the best interest of your treatment;
  • in the events of any disrespectful, abusive or inappropriate behaviour of any kind towards our staff or other customers, either at our premises or on social media.

If we decide to refuse or discontinue our treatment, we will refund the fees for any unused treatment sessions you have purchased.