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Gina Germano
Partner, Hayfin Capital Management LLP

“I have known and been treated by Dr Bill for nearly 20 years. Bill is a healer. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and determined to remove pain and sickness through his vast knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

Javier Maldonado
Vice President at Santander UK Corporate & Commercial

“I have been a patient of Dr Chen for many years. He will quickly understand your problems and what is best to treat them. He is a real expert on multiple techniques so always has the solution for you. He is the best!”

Anthony Blake
CEO Fontana Group

“Dr Chen has treated me and my family. He treats a variety of problems and has a unique way of delivering his acupuncture treatment. Needless to say, you can expect results within a few days of treatment. He treated us for poor circulation, like frozen shoulder and help with connective/memory issues as well.  The results have been outstanding and improvement occurred from the very first treatments. His knowledge is incredible and I would recommend Dr Chen to anyone with any medical issue who wants a quick relief.”

T. Hussain

“I have known Dr Chen for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He has in depth knowledge about any aliment, chronic pain, long term illness or disease. I have always felt better after receiving his treatment. He often goes the extra mile in trying to assist in making you recover in the shortest time possible. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone, who’s interested in consulting him, he will not disappoint.”

Justine M.
Associate Director

“I have been seeing Dr Chen for years. He is a very skilled practitioner and has helped me resolve back issues with his treatments. He takes a wholistic approach and really cares about the outcome. I have sent several friends to his clinic as well and they all leave as happy customers. I highly recommend!”

Chantal Landi
Managing Director

“Dr Chen was amazing. I was seriously in pain due to a nerve trapping a few months ago, I saw a number of specialists, no one could help. I got introduced by a friend to Dr Chen, after 3 sessions of acupuncture I was back to normal. Quite a magic! Dr Chen seems very knowledgeable, certainly very friendly and caring. He is passionate and rigorous about his work. Highly recommended.”

President, Search and Care

Dr Chen sorts back issues and jetlag fatigue efficiently through a combination of treatments, including massage and acupuncture. I recommend his practice to anyone looking for altenatives to pain medication and a more natural way to heal pain.


I came to Dr Chen in December 2021 for a fertility acupuncture. He recommended a 12 session acupuncture with herbal medicine. During my treatment I felt relaxed and very calm, my plan was to prepare my body for an IVF that I was planing on having in March 2022 however on my 10th session I have noticed that my period was late so I took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant, it took me 5 years and 4 miscarriages to finally be pregnant and staying pregnant. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant and I am so grateful to Dr Chen and his team for the amazing treatment and their friendly and excellent service they have provided for me during my darkest times.

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